1/14 Serious Business Recap

Transparency of many different types — whether it be the authenticity type, the Saran Wrap type, or the Windows 7 Aero window border glassy type — was interwoven all throughout the show tonight. It proved to be a pervasive theme, to say the least. Also, our first call-in over Skype! There’s still some kinks to work out, but they’ll get there. Overall a good stepping stone. Video after the jump.

Sports fans, take note: I’m going to do a special show Sunday night after the NFL conference championships are settled — call it the Serious Business Two-Weeks-In-Advance Super Bowl Pregame Show. :) You’ll want to check into jaredisserious.biz right after the game. I’ll be doing call-ins and all that as well.

Thanks to everyone for stopping in the show and for making the after-parties enjoyable (I may have to start streaming those, too). We’ll do this again for sure next Wednesday at 8:30 ET. Topics to be determined by the events of the week (though I can imagine that having a new President will generate some discussion…)