The Perils of Overthinking

I’m a chronic overthinker. I tend to really overthink a lot of things and drive myself insane in the process. This goes for matters of my personal life as well as my professional nerd life — especially as it pertains to websites, including this one.

A couple Marches ago when I was frantically reworking this site, I decided to split the homepage off from the blog in an effort to have a “full” website — somewhere to point people at projects, biographical stuff, and the ilk. I also wanted the opportunity to feature posts on the site’s homepage in an effort to be something of a gatekeeper over my material.

However, in this latest redesign, I noticed that the “homepage” concept was kind of a bummer. It was actually limiting what folks could see right off the bat (I’d write asides that would never see the light on the homepage, for instance). Beyond the filtered blog posts, it didn’t offer much besides a tag cloud for said blog, Twitter status, and what was playing via (which was later axed in favor of a FriendFeed sidebar). Basically, I was trying far too hard to have a gigantic website when, ultimately, it should all center around the blog.

Thus, today, the full, unfettered blog makes a return to the root of, because it just makes sense for it to be there. The old “weblog” link simply becomes “archives,” which must look better now that it’s a top-level page. The rest of the site (about, connect) stays the same. Good times.

Now, for hockey. $5 at the Stingrays tonight — sweet!