Super Bowl XLIII: Close, but no cigar

My Super Bowl prediction:

I think I take Arizona in a colossal upset, which means the Steelers will likely win because I haven’t given them a chance all postseason.

Boy, was I close. Super Bowl XLIII was a great one. And while the Cardinals were a Santonio Holmes tiptoe short of what would have ranked among the most shocking upsets in Super Bowl history, they gave the Steelers one hell of a ride, especially in the second half. Arizona has nothing to be ashamed about in their performance, and they definitely played as if they belonged there. But in the end, Pittsburgh carried the day. Was great to see Ben Roethlisberger play well in this SB this time — I bet he feels a lot better about this ring than he did his first one.

Congratulations to Mike Tomlin — the youngest coach to ever win a Super Bowl — and the Steelers. And now, on to baseball season!

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