Hunker Down!

Severe weather season roars back to Charleston today. I’m in “hunker down” mode here, monitoring all sorts of varying weather information. Here’s how to keep up: On Twitter, I’ll live-tweet the storm event at @chswx. If you just want warnings and forecasts, I recommend @CharlestonWX. Also see @weatherwatches for advance notice of potential watches. Don’t […]

A meeting about hashtags — no, really

It seems oddly fitting that a few local bloggers, tweeters, and folks from local media outlets got together at Juanita Greenberg’s downtown, sat outside, and talked about — what else? — hashtags. These aren’t your ordinary hashtags, though — these tags are designed to standardize news tweeting in Charleston. This way, we can keep things […]

Hip to be Square

I’m pretty sure this is my first encounter with a square cup. Apparently this year’s rendition of March Madness is so maddening that it’s turned our cups square; at this rate, I fully expect to see pigs in flight within the next 48 hours.


I’m part of a group helping to launch Social Media Club in the Charleston area. We meet at aloft North Charleston (aloft’s Brightkite stream). aloft (lack of capitalization is intentional) seems to be a very sweet hotel and is impossible to miss at night. The lobby area, where we conduct our meetings, is definitely progressive, […]

Yes, I’m doing it wrong: A blog about blogging

So the conventional wisdom is not to talk about a medium using the medium that is being discussed; i.e. you’re not supposed to tweet about Twitter, you’re not supposed to blog about blogging…whatever. These people who tell you this are the same people who tell you that auto DMs on Twitter are a good thing. […]