Saturday promises to be CREATE-ive

Saturday is the second annual CREATE South conference in Myrtle Beach. The free one-day conference focuses on self-expression through new media, and puts a huge emphasis on teaching and learning. CREATE is for everybody with an interest in new media or self-expression using technology, regardless of skill level. Everybody stands to benefit. It’s not too […]

More on Twitter authenticity (or: backing up and punting)

First, a note to myself to step away from WordPress when in an emotional moment regarding social media topics (such as, say, trust on Twitter). After careful consideration and a good conversation with Patrick earlier, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are some flaws in how I’d implement the authentication of Twitter accounts. The […]

The good ol’ days are over

We can’t trust social media anymore. How is it that the most-followed Twitter account, @cnnbrk, wasn’t even run by CNN until a recent acquisition? Seriously — how many of you out there thought CNN ran it? I know I did. Some folks have claimed to have known the truth behind @cnnbrk for a while, but […]

#amazonfail demonstrated the new rules of crisis communication

Almost three years ago (it’s been that long?), I went to a seminar on crisis communication put on by College of Charleston’s Communication Advisory Council. During the seminar, we broke into groups and acted like we were PR for Firestone, charged with cleaning up the mess brought about by the tire blowouts that caused several […]