My weather experiment on FriendFeed

The latest foray into my meteorologically-themed social media exploration is the Charleston Weather FriendFeed group, designed with some automated aggregation of Charleston weather-related tweets in mind, but also designed as a point for folks to share their weather stories and reports. It seems like a strange, nearly too-narrowly focused topic for a FriendFeed group, but […]

Why I missed last night’s LCB meetup

Yes, I missed the third anniversary Lowcountry Bloggers meetup last night. Apparently the #jaredrumors abound, but there’s a really good reason. My dad, a life-long Trekkie, had wanted to see the new Star Trek but wasn’t sure when he’d be able to. A little quick thinking later, and we were all able to find a […]

Now sporting BackType Connect

Thanks to the comment-aggregating masterminds at BackType, your tweets, FriendFeed comments, Digg comments, and other mentions of blog posts here at will appear among the comments. I’m tweaking the look some and working with a few things to meld it better with the design, but it’s very cool. How am I doing this? It’s […]

Twitter’s “small settings update” is a big mistake

There’s been a lot of griping about the mainstreaming of Twitter, whether it be alpha-geeks being threatened over “normal people” invading “their turf” or, more recently, spammers invading the trending topics with garbage and, in some cases, malcontent. Those items haven’t bothered me that badly; Twitter is richer with more people using the service, and […]