Another smashing success

Social Media Club Charleston’s happy hour networking event last night was a smashing success. About 50-60 people (very rough headcount) showed up to put faces to names, make contacts, and learn from each other over tacos and beer. Those who saw me could probably see the near-permanent grin on my face over the turnout (Eugene […]

Better mobile viewing through WordPress Mobile Edition

In addition to applying the WordPress 2.8.1 upgrade, I’ve also upgraded to the Carrington-based WordPress Mobile Edition by Alex King, which provides a VERY slick interface for mobile devices to browse posts and pages. I do think the out-of-the-box styles could use some tweaking (particularly on iPhone, where the interface widgets are there but the […]

The next SMC Charleston meeting is set

[gmap zoom=’15’ width=’120px’ height=’90px’]Hot on the heels of the first Social Media Club Charleston event, which was a smashing success (footage still to follow; progress slowed by a problem with my primary computer) comes our next meeting, a networking event at the downtown Taco Boy location (another appropriate location given that tacos are emerging as […]