Daily Archives: July 8, 2009

Escape from Disneyworld

There are a couple interesting but unconnected conversations in Charleston taking place, and the intersection of both intrigues the hell out of me. Let’s try it! Here’s the rundown:

The intersection, of course, is bringing that talent together in an attractive fashion to additional talent, to kick off those businesses — and the co-working space is a great place to architect an escape from Disneyworld.

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The next SMC Charleston meeting is set

[gmap zoom=’15’ width=’120px’ height=’90px’]Hot on the heels of the first Social Media Club Charleston event, which was a smashing success (footage still to follow; progress slowed by a problem with my primary computer) comes our next meeting, a networking event at the downtown Taco Boy location (another appropriate location given that tacos are emerging as the next memefood on Twitter) next Tuesday, July 14 at 6:30. (RSVP on Facebook for the event.) Come ready to introduce yourself, network with other professionals, and get to know more of your fellow social media compatriots and share your hopes and goals for what you want out of your social media presence. The Facebook RSVPs are very promising for a good turnout. Hope to see you there!