A great addition to my toolbox: ImageOptim

Recently, I happened upon ImageOptim, a lightweight and incredibly effective image optimizer for PNG, JPEG, and GIF images (runs on Mac OS X only — sorry, Windows friends). It provides a ridiculously simple frontend to several commandline optimization tools. I often find myself dropping image sizes on an average of 20% per file — pretty […]

Collecta’s blog shows citizen news reporting in action

The Collecta blog has posted a neat case study about the Charleston flooding that happened a couple weeks ago, and how people used Collecta to tie together information from places like TheDigitel and @chswx (the Charleston Weather Twitter account I run) to keep up to date on the situation. I’m a big fan of Collecta, […]

An ode to Norm’s

UPDATE: A tweet from Clay Taylor (@imallergictocats) indicates that Norm’s will be back next year after a renovation. I sure hope that’s the case! Original post below: As you may or may not know, Norm’s Pizza and Subs — home of the fabled Nerd Table and an otherwise very important part of my college experience […]

What do you want to see from Social Media Club Charleston?

The Social Media Club Charleston steering group is meeting in a few days to review 2009 and look forward to 2010. It’s been a great kickoff year for SMC (at least from my perspective), with a core of great engagement and a fresh helping of new faces at each meeting. If you’ve attended one of […]

I’m falling for Chrome

I’ve resisted Google Chrome over the last year, primarily because it hasn’t been extensible. Well, that’s all changed. I’m running the development version of Chrome, Chromium, on my Mac, and starting to add extensions to it. (You can’t add extensions to the “official” Mac beta.) The speed is incredible, and makes the formerly nimble Firefox […]

A doozy of a weather day ahead

In advance of a doozy of a weather day, I’ve spent a portion of my evening revamping the Charleston Weather blog. I’ve installed the latest P2, Automattic’s excellent real-time WordPress theme, and I’ve also (with any luck) enabled PubSubHubbub for posts to the blog. Weather information is exactly what the real-time web is designed for, […]