Daily Archives: December 9, 2009


Increasingly, I’m sharing things that fit my definition of “interesting” over on my Posterous blog. If you haven’t tried it yet, Posterous is a neat way to share cool things quickly (as easily as sending an e-mail!). Some folks use it for their full blog, too. It lets you autopost to as many services as you can think of (including blogs that support MetaWeblog API, as WordPress does), so your shares can be broadcast far and wide. I’m currently posting to Tumblr and Facebook from mine; not quite sure I want to open my Twitter stream up to that just yet. Expect a future revision of jaredwsmith.com to include a spot for these shares. Are you using Posterous? Leave a comment — I’d love to see what you’re sharing.

I’m falling for Chrome

I’ve resisted Google Chrome over the last year, primarily because it hasn’t been extensible. Well, that’s all changed. I’m running the development version of Chrome, Chromium, on my Mac, and starting to add extensions to it. (You can’t add extensions to the “official” Mac beta.) The speed is incredible, and makes the formerly nimble Firefox feel like it’s got a boat anchor attached to it. If you’re frustrated with Firefox, Chrome is an increasingly good option for any platform — Windows, Mac, and Linux. Try it out.