Ten years of blogging

March 31, 2010 marks ten years more or less “blogging” (the term had not yet taken off in 2000). On March 31, 2000, I decided to restructure the front page of my high school personal site, The Realm (of Jared Smith), and start posting more or less daily updates on the things that really mattered. […]

Pitfalls of location-based services as they hit the mainstream

My colleague at ReadWriteWeb, Sarah Perez, does a fantastic job articulating the trouble people may have with location-based services as they hit mainstream adoption in an article this morning. There are some great points in here, especially with regard with how people tend to want to have as many friends as possible on a social […]

I love Opera’s iPhone app countup

I love Opera’s running timer since Opera Mini for iPhone was submitted to the App Store. Opera does a lot of nifty and important things for the Web that we often miss out on. At SXSW, Chris Mills gave a fantastic talk about mobile accessibility and showed me some CSS stuff I hadn’t yet seen. […]

Cool, Mac-compatible weather software: WeatherScope

The first rumbles of Spring are about in Charleston today, and I still find myself longing for software comparable to GR2Analyst, my go-to RADAR analysis software, on the Mac. However, WeatherScope, a project of the Oklahoma Climatological Survey at the University of Oklahoma, fills a need I had on Windows for a full-fledged weather map. […]

Tuesday coworking recap: HTML and CSS fundamentals

At Tuesday’s co-working session, I talked about a few of the basics of HTML and CSS (as best as I could within two hours, that is). One of the focal points of the session was the importance of laying a strong foundation for a well-built Web page via semantic HTML that strictly separates content from […]