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Alex makes landfall

Base Velocity at Brownsville of Hurricane Alex

Base velocity image of Hurricane Alex from Brownsville Doppler RADAR at 10:51 PM ET.

Hurricane Alex made landfall on the Mexican coast tonight as a Category 2 hurricane. The velocity image above is pretty ominous; the bright oranges and deep blues (indicating motion away from and toward the radar site to the north, respectively) are indicative of very strong winds upwards of 115-120 MPH (the radar beam at its lowest tilt, at a distance of 108 nautical miles from the Brownsville radar, is looking at the hurricane at around 14,000 feet, hence the slightly higher winds from the advertised 105 MPH surface winds at landfall). The base reflectivity image is pretty impressive as well, showing lots of spiral rain bands being tossed into south Texas. The most startling image though is the estimated storm rain totals already exceeding a foot of rain in some spots. There will be much flooding before this is all said and done. Thoughts are with those in Texas and Mexico this evening as this storm pushes through.

Charleston Coworking on a rain delay, to reappear at Park Circle soon

Charleston Coworking is temporarily winding down to prepare for its move to Park Circle. I’m not sure Steve deGuzman at Rehava can be thanked enough for his generosity and huge help getting coworking off the ground, and to Ryan Johnson at the City of North Charleston for his work in helping us secure space for the future. While I’m not in Charleston anymore, I am looking forward to popping into town on future cowork days and enjoying some EVO Pizza afterward, as the new location is just a couple doors down.

South Carolina Gamecocks, 2010 Baseball National Champions

Congratulations to the South Carolina Gamecocks’ men’s baseball team on their national championship, clinched in thrilling fashion (12 innings) over UCLA, 2-1. This marks the first national championship for any program at USC, and South Carolina’s first positive exposure on the national stage since Bushido Japanese Restaurant in West Ashley was on Man vs. Food.

Is HTML 5 ready for public consumption?

Blue Ion‘s recent launch of a site for Tryon Plaza in Charlotte is very notable in one aspect their blog post doesn’t cover — it uses HTML5 (and not just the doctype — there are actual HTML5 tags at work here). I’d been debating on how much I’d want to use HTML5 in future projects both for ReadWriteWeb (where I have been using the doctype on new projects) and for future revisions of this very blog. If HTML5 (with IE support via the HTML5 shiv JavaScript) is good enough for a quality shop like Blue Ion, it’s good enough for me. ;) Developers, how are you using HTML5 in production projects (if at all)?

Hurricane Alex

Hurricane Alex's outer rain bands appear on Brownsville's WSR-88D Doppler RADAR on June 29th.

Hurricane Alex's outer rain bands appear on Brownsville's WSR-88D Doppler RADAR.

Alex has become the first June hurricane in the Gulf since 1995. The forecast track has narrowed the cone of uncertainty pretty tightly as the day’s gone on, and it’s looking like the center will make landfall in Mexico, though extreme southern Texas is likely to still see hurricane-force winds (though in a storm like this, widespread flooding is the greatest threat and pretty much a certainty).

Tropical Storm Alex will miss the spill

Tropical Storm Alex (formerly Tropical Depression One) will miss the oil spill area. I’m glad the Gulf residents can catch something of a break, even if it may only be temporary. That being said, it might be a rough Thursday night in Houston if Alex’s track veers more northward as a 90+ MPH hurricane. More likely, though, it will bring high winds and heavy rain toward central Mexico.

WordPress 3.0

WordPress 3.0 is now live with nary a hiccup on It was mostly very smooth, though I did have a CSS change to make to my theme (looks like there was a small output tweak to the_category() that broke something — and I could have avoided it had I coded better). I’m also using W3 Total Cache, and while I can report that everything mostly works, I’m having some trouble uploading via FTP to my “CDN” — which, in reality, is just another account on another domain on my shared host. However, everything else is looking pretty good so far. Fingers crossed!

Tropical Depression One

Introducing Tropical Depression One, which will likely soon become Tropical Storm Alex before it rumbles onto the Yucatan Peninsula. It’s too early to reliably tell if this storm will impact the oil disaster area in the Gulf, but if some of the forecast models play out, it does not look good for the Gulf. It’s worth noting that the HWRF and GFDL, two models specifically designed for tropical forecasting, both favor a scenario that take the storm into the oil slick. (Let’s hope they’re wrong.)

iLines and my never-ending phone indecision

There are lots of people standing in iLines this morning so they can get their new, shiny, black-only iPhones 4. I did the iLine thing a couple years ago at the opening of the Charleston Apple Store. It was fun — there’s undoubtedly an energy around the Apple experience. It’s downright fascinating to watch just how easily Apple can whip the masses up into a frenzy for their products, and it seems from various things I’m reading around the Web that iPhone 4 is no exception.

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The ReadWriteWeb Real-Time Web Summit, NYC

As you probably can tell by my lack of activity here, I’ve been pretty busy with work over at ReadWriteWeb, especially on getting everything squared away for our unconference events. Hot on the heels of a very successful ReadWriteWeb Mobile Summit, RWW’s doing its first East Coast event, the Real-Time Web Summit, tomorrow in NYC as part of Internet Week. RWW has partnered with for the event broadcast, and it should be our best yet. We’ve worked hard on our events and they’ve brought a lot of good cheer and geekhood, and we expect the Real-Time Summit tomorrow to be excellent. I’ll be watching from home on, keeping all the tech reasonably happy and sane — and hopefully learning a few things as well! We kick off at 8:30am — won’t you join us?