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Pure Luck

Base reflectivity image of severe thunderstorm over Hilton Head Island

Base reflectivity image of a severe thunderstorm over Hilton Head Island on July 10, 2010.

This severe thunderstorm, referred to as extremely dangerous by the Charleston National Weather Service, was about as intense as advertised, and was quite a scare for one driver, as this NWS storm report illustrates (emphasis added):

CHS: 1 W Hilton Head Island [Beaufort Co, SC] law enforcement reports TSTM WND DMG at 05:34 PM EDT — large oak tree fell on car at intersection of jenkins island road and hwy 278. driver uninjured.

Yeesh. Glad the driver’s OK. Here’s a roundup of today’s storm reports — was a windy one out there on Tybee Island.

Alex Part II

Invest 96 (July 2010) 2PM model run.  What does THIS look like?

Invest 96 (July 2010) 2PM model run (via Weather Underground). What does THIS look like?

If these model runs are any indication (and they should not be taken as gospel), it looks like Bonnie will just be another Alex retread (at least in terms of path; intensity is very hard to tell but it doesn’t look like it will have nearly the time to get it together as Alex did). More rain for south Texas and central Mexico looks inevitable. Pretty sure they’re still drying out from Alex down there.

Firecrackers in the Atlantic

Tropical Weather Outlook, July 4, 2010 at 8PM, courtesy National Hurricane Center

Tropical Weather Outlook, July 4, 2010 at 8PM, via the National Hurricane Center.

Nothing like checking the BlackBerry and seeing not one, not two, but four areas of potential tropical development in the Atlantic. While the storm in the Caribbean (#2 on the map above) has the best shot at developing soon, the storm near the Lesser Antilles (storm 4) could see some slow development over the next few days and might be worth watching. Read tonight’s Tropical Weather Outlook for more. They said it was going to be a busy year — I suspect we’ll see a lot of outlooks like these over the next few months.