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More on designing backgrounds for New Twitter

Designers are doing their best to adapt to New Twitter, but I still think trying to pin down a background image that would be hidden on many small-screen laptop/netbook resolutions is going to be a losing battle in the long run. Sure, do something cool and creative back there, but don’t rely on the image for conveying critical information. That’s what the Bio field is for.

Brief thoughts on The New Twitter

New Twitter!

New Twitter, in its busy, two-paned glory.

I along with a lot of people got the new Twitter Web interface yesterday afternoon. It’s a pretty radical departure from the Web interface I’ve gotten to know over the last few years. While I do spend plenty of time in a client (lately TweetDeck User Streams Edition), I do like to use the website to run quick searches and take casual glances at Twitter (as TweetDeck can be an attention suck). Here are a few of my thoughts on the new Twitter Web interface.
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A frightening picture of a very unlikely tropical scenario

06z HWRF shows a possible Hurricane Nicole making landfall on Charleston. Probably will not happen.

06z HWRF shows a possible Hurricane Nicole making landfall on Charleston. Probably will not happen. Image via Ryan N. Maue‘s site.

I can’t say I didn’t jump a little when I saw this earlier today. However, it looks very unlikely that a hurricane will make landfall Friday, as the tropical system expected to become Nicole should interact with a front and lose most of its tropical characteristics. It will still be windy, and still be rainy, but it won’t be a 125 mph Category 3 hurricane. This, friends, is what we call an “outlier” in tropical forecast model parlance. :)

Aspiring forecasters: A great resource for you

I’m determined to one day provide my own forecasts for @chswx on Twitter. Mississippi State professor Jeff Haby’s site has been a great guide in helping me get started with real forecasting (beyond just looking at the forecast discussion and model runs quickly). It’s a ton of information to wrap around the head, but it’s very useful stuff.