IEM chat rooms I’m monitoring today

I’ll be watching three weather chats today: WFO Charleston, SC, WFO Columbia, SC, and WFO Greenville-Spartanburg, SC as a threat for severe weather unfolds later today and into tonight. A reminder: These are not official NWS chat rooms — there won’t be any forecasters in there, but iembot will be there to relay watches, warnings, […]

Found a Mac-native User Streams client right under my nose

In the end, I didn’t have to go very far to find a Mac-native Twitter client that was capable of real-time User Streams; there was one already in my Applications folder: Echofon for Mac. I had forgotten that they had opened User Streams up to every user (and not just paid Pro users). After self-updating, […]

Desktop weather alerts with Adium and Growl on Mac OS X

Updated April 16, 2014 to reflect the new XMPP server. Many years ago, the Iowa Environmental Mesonet at Iowa State University established iembot, a service that relays National Weather Service products from each forecast office in real time. iembot messages are available using a Web-based interface, via Twitter (for example, I follow @iembot_chs to […]

Disambiguation: I am not the Best Tube guy

I’ve gotten some inquiries as of late about Best Tube, an Android app that permits a user to save a YouTube video to their device. Confusingly, Best Tube is also written by a Jared W. Smith, which has led to a few errant e-mails my way (that, unfortunately, I have not been able to forward […]

A relic of computing lore: the General Protection Fault

Netscape 3.04 Gold choking very badly on Netscape Navigator Gold was the lens through which I first saw the Internet. Thanks to my Windows 3.11 VM and’s browser archive, I can attempt to re-see the Web as if it was 1996 all over again. The results are most certainly not pretty, with an […]