Drafts I probably should spend more time on

I’ve been looking through my drafts tonight — both stored on the server within WordPress and in MarsEdit’s “Local Drafts” folder — and have found some topics I probably should revive, including a post about my workflow on the Mac, my verdict on the iPhone from a BlackBerry switcher’s perspective, and a few more missives […]

Pivot towards a cliff: Brightkite (Checkins), RIP

Letting go: removing the Brightkite app from my iPhone. Today marks the end of Brightkite’s location-based social network, as the company repositions itself firmly in the “group texting” camp. It was my first introduction to location-based social networking, and I’m going to miss it. Brightkite was the only location-based social network that really nailed privacy […]

Holy Philadelphia starting rotation, Batman

The hot stove is pouring smoke: Jayson Stark’s got an interesting breakdown of the new Phillies starting rotation after Cliff Lee signed late last night. On paper, this looks to be as dominant of a rotation as we’ll probably see this decade. I enjoyed Leo Mazzone’s take on how this rotation might fare in comparison […]