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WordPress 3.1 coming soon

WordPress 3.1 is coming soon, and it really seems it’s getting some serious CMS muscle. Features such as internal linking are right out of every major CMS’s playbook, and post formats are a very interesting WordPress-based answer to the different post types Tumblr provides. I’m not sure how much mileage I’ll be getting out of those features, though, as I do a majority of my writing in MarsEdit and leave the WordPress control panel to handle system administration tasks. It’s unclear if WordPress’s developers have added anything extra to the XML-RPC API to allow third-party clients to take advantage of the post formats (I suspect not, given that they are theme hooks). The other consideration: data portability. Most, if not all, WordPress blogs to this point have implemented asides using theme logic to find posts in a specific category (In Brief here on This works well and is inherently compatible with all sorts of third-party clients from MarsEdit to Flickr’s auto-post. If my mischievous, tinkering side somehow convinced my rational, change-resistant side that moving to something like Melody was a good idea, it would be trivial to write Melody template code to format posts in my In Brief category in a special way. If I implemented asides (or other post types, for that matter) using WordPress’s hooks, it is less clear whether it would be so easy. Thus, I’m likely to stick to my category-based way of differentiating posts; it might not be the most elegant solution anymore, but I know it works and I know it will remain compatible even if I switch platforms.

By Jared Smith

Jared Smith is a web developer and weather enthusiast living in Charleston, SC.