Software patent trolls and the threat to small business

While Congress is arguing points of policy labeled with “job-killer” rhetoric, perhaps they should look into what international patent trolls are doing to independent developers here in America. Independent developers have driven so much innovation in the last decade and have been a real bright spot in a very dismal economic climate. Craig Hockenberry, he […]

20 minutes with Spotify

I’ve had 20 minutes with Spotify Free (disclosure: it was a Klout Perk) and it, so far, has been incredible. With millions of tracks on demand at pretty good quality, no wonder it took so long to reach the States. I may toss some invites out later as I receive them (depending on how many […]

This is unhelpful to Sony’s tarnished security reputation

Via Googler Andrew Hintz comes an embarrassing revelation for Sony, where their developers apparently are embedding CAPTCHAs in HTML and using CSS to distort them. While I generally hate CAPTCHAs (especially since most of them have been broken for a long time, now), this is an incredibly foolish and hilarious mistake and, given recent events, […]