Monthly Archives: November 2011

Monitoring social media is good for elected officials

I hope the backlash against Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback for his outrageous and constitutionally-questionable response to a negative tweet sent by a high school student does not have a negative impact on public support for elected officials’ offices monitoring Twitter and other social media. It’s an important component to keeping in touch with constituents and is a Good Thing. (It also requires thicker skin than Brownback apparently has.)

The First Generation iPod Nano Recall

The first-gen iPod nano I’m currently listening to is part of a voluntary recall for battery issues. Five years later. This is the first Apple product I ever bought (got it as an open item at Best Buy, two days after the second generation Nano was released) so I have seriously mixed emotions about sending it back. That, and there are elements of the playlist that have remained untouched since college. There’s a strange purity in that, no?