SAY ReadWriteWeb (Three Times Fast)

ReadWriteWeb’s acquisition by SAY Media is an exciting development, the fruit of many years of hard work by Richard MacManus and the ReadWriteWeb team (which I have been fortunate to be a part of for the past two years). I’m really looking forward to working with my RWW compatriots and the SAY Media team on […]

Mysteries of the IntelliStar 2, revealed

I’ve had a fascination with The Weather Channel’s local forecast computers since infantile amnesia set in, so reading this post about the tribulations of the IntelliStar 2, the forecast computer that drives the Local on the 8s programming for The Weather Channel’s high definition simulcast, was a fun read. Apparently the project was in trouble […]

I Work for the Internet

I Work for the Internet is a collection of people who rely on and build the Internet in many different and completely legal ways whose livelihood could be threatened by the Stop Online Piracy Act. If you work for the Internet, add yourself (there’s an approval process so you won’t show up right away). I’ll […]