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A little love for the blog

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve done much with this blog either design-wise nor writing-wise, so I figured I’d give it a little refresh (though far from the full HTML5 redesign it desperately needs and probably won’t get for a long while yet). I even bumped the version number! This is now version 4.1.

These tweaks do a couple nice things, including giving me my newlines back in asides. Looking back, this theme is full of questionable decisions (which was pretty standard for 2008, when I released this look and feel), so it was nice to get a few things straightened out. I’m using a HTML5 DOCTYPE but no actual HTML5 code just yet; that will probably change with a redesign. There was no way this was validating as XHTML 1.1 so I figured I would switch the DOCTYPE to reflect something more realistic.

There are still bugs and stale things cached, I’m sure of it. Please bear with me.

By Jared Smith

Jared Smith is a web developer and weather enthusiast living in Charleston, SC.