WordPress over IM

Matt Mullenweg:

Glad to see someone still remembering how powerful it can be to get notified of social media over IM. It’s still a real shame Twitter never brought back its XMPP bot.

Head over to im.wordpress.com and get the bot if you’re into being pinged about blogs — you can subscribe to my blog using the command sub jaredwsmith.com.

  • Anonymous

    Since you use Disqus, will I get any notifications from comments here?
    At Collecta we got the full WP.com feed as XMPP. Having Jetpack-powered blogs included would have been awesome. Still waiting to be able to reply via XMPP.

    • Doesn’t look like Disqus hooks into this yet, even with comment sync between D and WordPress.  Worth looking into.

      Replies by XMPP are the next logical step, but would probably run into problems with third-party comment solutions (like we’re seeing with Disqus comments).