WordPress over IM

Matt Mullenweg:

Glad to see someone still remembering how powerful it can be to get notified of social media over IM. It’s still a real shame Twitter never brought back its XMPP bot.

Head over to im.wordpress.com and get the bot if you’re into being pinged about blogs — you can subscribe to my blog using the command sub jaredwsmith.com.

2 thoughts on “WordPress over IM

  1. Anonymous

    Since you use Disqus, will I get any notifications from comments here?
    At Collecta we got the full WP.com feed as XMPP. Having Jetpack-powered blogs included would have been awesome. Still waiting to be able to reply via XMPP.

    1. Jared Smith

      Doesn’t look like Disqus hooks into this yet, even with comment sync between D and WordPress.  Worth looking into.

      Replies by XMPP are the next logical step, but would probably run into problems with third-party comment solutions (like we’re seeing with Disqus comments).

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