Dual-pol upgrade complete at the Charleston radar; products not flowing yet

The Charleston radar is running again after the dual-pol upgrade. Dual-polarization data isn’t flowing to most people yet — based on my experience with the upgrade at Sterling, VA earlier this year, a day or two of calibration is still needed before the products are turned on over the Level III data stream (which serves […]

It’s cool to be getting a few scans of live Level II dual-pol data from the Charleston radar site tonight, presumably as testing continues on the upgrade. This particular screenshot shows the Correlation Coefficient product, which essentially helps a radar operator identify what’s precipitation and what isn’t. One way meteorologists use the CC product (called […]

What’s influencing our weather today?

ABC 33/40 in Birmingham covers the concept of “high pressure wedge” — such a weather pattern is in force today. We’ll see more high pressure wedges as the winter rolls on. If you love this cooler weather, it won’t be around to see tomorrow; if you hate this cooler weather, it’ll be much nicer tomorrow […]