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No room for this in our discourse

This is an actual tweet made by an actual Texas state legislator in response to the public showing up to the Texas State Capitol building in favor of a filibuster of an abortion bill. Regardless of your views on the bill itself, I think all decent people can agree that the public showing up to a public place to express a political opinion in a nonviolent manner is the exact inverse of “terrorism.” Shameful.

Full moon -- known as "supermoon" -- as seen from my vantage point west of the Ashley River in Charleston, SC. Tonight is as close as we'll get to the moon this year.

Full moon — known as “supermoon” — as seen from my vantage point west of the Ashley River in Charleston, SC. Tonight is as close as we’ll get to the moon this year.

More flooding in downtown Charleston today

I feel like a broken record on the weather side these days mentioning storms every day. This year has just been utterly ridiculous for rainfall (33″ as of today) and for the second time in two weeks downtown Charleston flooded again after thunderstorms packing 1-3″/hr rain rates trained over Charleston, one after the other, right at time of high tide, which also coincided with the evening rush. Makes for an awesome night!

The National Weather Service has a Facebook gallery; also check out Holy City Sinner’s photo gallery.

I’m ready for a drier pattern…

WordPress kicks ass

It’s hard to overstate how good WordPress is. I can put together really rich, compelling content with social media posts in under 20 minutes thanks to very smart embedding and much improved media library features in recent releases, and I host the content myself with no concerns over services being bought or sold or shut down. I’ve been on board the WP train for most of its 10-year life and I don’t see myself getting off anytime soon.


Return of the #chswx blog!

An issue with nginx rewrite rules would not let my image uploads be great, but that’s all settled now. I’m looking to transition away from so much reliance on Twitter and switch to more of a live blog format during events (though weather Tweets won’t go away). The P2 theme lets me create a fully integrated environment to receive storm reports on a thread, which is awfully nice. Keep this page bookmarked as I’m going to try out a few cool things there. (Eventually, the whole site will run on WordPress — stay tuned.)