No room for this in our discourse

This is an actual tweet made by an actual Texas state legislator in response to the public showing up to the Texas State Capitol building in favor of a filibuster of an abortion bill. Regardless of your views on the bill itself, I think all decent people can agree that the public showing up to a public place to express a political opinion in a nonviolent manner is the exact inverse of “terrorism.” Shameful.

5 thoughts on “No room for this in our discourse

    1. Patrick O'Keefe

      It’s all about retweets now. Hard to see a road back. Well moderated online communities are one of, if not the only, place online where civilized discourse exists on a regular basis.

      Aside, if you look at his other tweets, you don’t see this level of engagement. As I write, his last 4 tweets have 0 retweets. And if you open more of his tweets, you see that replies to him are not any better.

      You have to wonder how someone looks at that tweet, given it might be his most “popular” tweet ever. Does he (or, maybe, whoever is advising him on how to use Twitter) see that and say “well, that wasn’t well received.” Or do they say, “we need to do more of that and get on a wider stage.”

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