Good news!!

I just received word that my cousin Mark is home from Iraq, safe and sound…I’m quite pleased right now and thought I would share. :)

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I’m home!

I’m home from San Diego! The trip went pretty well. The service was outstanding, and paid a great tribute to my Aunt Sobeida. Now she’s pain free, in a much better place. There were over 200 at the funeral mass. What a great, great turnout.

A few interesting notes from the trip:

– I saw a truck yesterday with its back wheel hydraulics lowered completely to the ground, presumably a deterrent against theft. LOL. It, combined with the silhouette of the scantily-clad, well-appointed girl on the grill, made it look pretty frickin’ ridiculous.

– One of the flight attendants was late to my flight this morning. We left 45 minutes late, but only ended up 10 minutes behind schedule. The Jet Stream is fantastic. So are 767s, for that matter.

– Those “air puffers” in one of the security screening lines at San Diego’s Lindbergh Field are wild.

– It’s next to impossible to find a powder blue Chargers jersey in the city of San Diego, much less a LaDainian Tomlinson one. It’s easier to find Raiders gear, and that’s sad. I picked up a navy blue LT jersey with stitching, though.

– The 3930 hat by New Era, used primarily by professional baseball clubs in spring training, is the most comfortable hat I’ve ever owned. It’s a flexible fitted hat with great fabric that breathes better than the typical 5950 series, used in game time.

– Having a cell phone as your primary music player is pretty useless in an aircraft, regardless of flight mode or not. iPod Nano, here I come. :-\

– You know you play too much Flight Simulator when you have a pretty good idea of what ILS vector the pilot will be using when approaching an airport.

I haven’t even arrived home yet; I’m at my parents’ house right now. It was my brother’s birthday yesterday and I’m spending a little time with him before I head back.

Later folks…


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I’ll be traveling to San Diego Tuesday to pay my last respects to my aunt Sobeida, who lost her battle against leukemia Friday night. So if you don’t see me around places or I’m not online, that’ll be why. I’ll be back Saturday night.



In need of a miracle.

I’m hearing some very sad news out of San Diego tonight.

My aunt Sobeida has been battling a very aggressive form of leukemia since last summer. It’s been a roller-coaster ride, as most cancer treatments are. She’s had her good days and her not-so-good days with chemo treatments and stem cell transplants. After a second stem cell transplant earlier this year, she went into remission, and things looked very promising.

Sadly, the remission did not last long. A month or two afterward, a routine checkup discovered that the stem cell transplant, which came from her own bone marrow fresh after a heavy dose of chemotherapy, had not been as successful as they first thought, and the leukemia was returning, as aggressively as ever. Two weeks ago we learned that the disease was serious enough to where a donor would be the only viable option to prolonging her life. The troops mobilized and got their bone marrow tested to see if it would be a match for Sobeida. But as many families with loved ones on the waiting list know, sometimes the wait becomes terminal.

Tonight the news is not good out of San Diego, as things are taking a turn for the worse. My Uncle Eric, God bless his soul, has done so much to try to make her as pain-free as possible in what could be her final days.

Your prayers and thoughts are sincerely appreciated. Also, please consider going to your local American Red Cross office to get your bone marrow tested, and making a donation to the American Cancer Society. I’m far from the only person on Earth going through this. You can help save lives and help us understand why cancer is as brutal as it is.