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SAY ReadWriteWeb (Three Times Fast)

ReadWriteWeb’s acquisition by SAY Media is an exciting development, the fruit of many years of hard work by Richard MacManus and the ReadWriteWeb team (which I have been fortunate to be a part of for the past two years). I’m really looking forward to working with my RWW compatriots and the SAY Media team on this next phase of ReadWriteWeb’s evolution — it should be quite a fun ride!

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An ode to Norm’s

UPDATE: A tweet from Clay Taylor (@imallergictocats) indicates that Norm’s will be back next year after a renovation. I sure hope that’s the case! Original post below:

As you may or may not know, Norm’s Pizza and Subs — home of the fabled Nerd Table and an otherwise very important part of my college experience — is closing for good today. (The original closing date was December 1, but the restaurant got a 11-day reprieve, opening from 5-midnight in December.) Word is they’ve run into lease issues, among other things. It’s quite a shame, because there stands to be a great deal of College of Charleston students who will never understand the importance of Norm’s takeout during finals week. A great deal of the MUSC community is also going to have to find a new place to get lunch — not necessarily an easy feat on the western peninsula.

As long-time followers of this blog know, Norm’s was a staple of mine in the several years I lived downtown. I found it to be a wonderful place to swap stories, make new friends, or even just a place to sit back and step out of the madness for a little bit, no matter how full it may have been on any given night. While living in West Ashley had made it difficult to stop in over the last year and a half, I still managed to make it in for lunch a fair amount, and did my best to stop in during the evenings as well, even if it wasn’t as often.

Thanks to Traye and the crew at Norm’s for the memories over the last several years. You’ll be missed.

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The inauguration of President Barack Obama, in multimedia

Today is kind of a big deal. on TwitPic Engrossed by the speech in Marion Square #inaug09 #chs on TwitPic John Calhoun DOES NOT APPROVE. on TwitPic

The video didn’t catch it, but there were snowflakes, too. :)

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Taking this show on the road

This promises to be an exciting week — I’ll be going to my first-ever ConvergeSouth conference in Greensboro, NC on Thursday. I’ll be with a ton of my fellow bloggers as well as my good friend Patrick O’Keefe, who I will finally get to meet “in real life” after I’ve worked with him and chatted with him over the Internets for several years. I haven’t yet pinpointed what I’m going to do from the schedule yet — one of the many trip preparation things I need to be doing.

Saturday was supposed to be BlogHer Greensboro, which Patrick and I were also going to attend, but they pulled out. Thanks to the power of FriendFeed, a couple folks named Kelby Carr and Dave Slusher, and Converge’s organizer Sue Polinsky, the lost Saturday was reclaimed with some fresh new independent sessions.

I’m extremely stoked for the Saturday sessions, as I’ll be talking about what I do to make Charleston Weather, my streamed severe weather show, tick. I’m also excited to be able to talk about the broader implications for something like Charleston Weather as it relates to hyperlocalism in media, which is a topic that’s getting more and more attention as news outlets race to become more specialized and serve a narrower segment extremely well. That afternoon, I’ll be leading a hands-on session to show just how easy it is to put together a reasonably professional-looking live presentation using mostly free software and (not necessarily just a weather show). It’s going to be quite a bit of fun.

Patrick will also be leading some talks, so be sure to check those out. He’s on at 10:30am, and I’m on at 11:15am.

I absolutely cannot wait — this is going to be quite a good time. I’m planning on filing some video updates throughout on Serious Business, as well — keep an eye out for those.


Sen. Ted Stevens Indicted

This is one Internet that Ted Stevens wish never arrived: He’s been indicted on seven counts of making false statements. This is part of a probe that’s ensnared a few others already.

Regardless of the indictment, this is as good of a time as ever to remember the first time Ted Stevens did something for folks other than a few people in Alaska…namely, how he reshaped how we think about the Internet.

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The Apple Store Opens

Apple Store Opens

Yes, folks, it’s open. After months of anticipation, Charleston, and South Carolina, for that matter, finally has an Apple retail store — officially the King Street Apple Store — in the heart of downtown. No more drives to Charlotte for a Genius Bar. It’s a pretty sweet thing for Apple fanatics and technology consumers in general.

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Apple Store Saturday

The King Street Apple Store opens Saturday at 10 am. I’m thinking about dropping in to check out the hysteria — anyone else?



Barring an unforeseen change in conditions, my family’s houses are unscathed, and they’ve been allowed back home. Words escape me about how fantastic this is. The wind has died down considerably from what I’ve been told — let’s hope they stay down, so the firefighters have a fighting chance of getting this one under control.

I wish I could say the ordeal is over for everybody, though — there are still nearly a million evacuated, and they won’t all come back to their homes in one piece. Please continue to keep those families in your thoughts during a seriously trying time.


Frightening situation in SoCal

As you’ve probably seen in the news, Southern California is being ravaged by wildfires. It’s a frightening situation, to be sure, and it’s hitting quite close to home: a good chunk of my extended family in San Diego has had to evacuate their homes. They’re going to a safe place closer to the coast, which is the important thing, but I can’t begin to imagine what they’re going through right now. Please keep everyone who’s affected in your thoughts — let’s hope that those terrible Santa Ana winds back off so the firefighters out there can gain some ground and save what they can.

UPDATE: Meryl Corant of WCBD interviewed me about the fires. It should be on at 6:00 tonight.

UPDATE 2: You can read and watch the story, which aired on the 6:00 news, on WCBD’s website. It’s well done, I think. Thanks for your support — I just got another update and indications are that things continue to be OK, so that’s a good sign. Here’s hoping for a change in the pattern soon…


Tragedy in Beaufort

CNN TV is reporting that a Navy Blue Angels plane, in the midst of precision maneuvers, went down in a Beaufort neighborhood, with several house fires started as a result. No sign of what happened with the pilot yet. Weather couldn’t have been a factor — it’s really calm out with very clear skies. Frightening…details to follow.


The word is that the plane clipped a tree and a cataclysmic set of events followed. FOX News says that the plane just lost power and went down. The Beaufort County Coroner says one person is dead, but they won’t say who — FOX also has reason to believe that the pilot indeed was killed. There’s been no sign of an ejection or anything.

WCSC has picked up the story and has been running a crawl below the PGA event. MSNBC is…well, silent, running their documentary in lieu of coverage.