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Views on political matters from a center/center-left perspective.

No room for this in our discourse

This is an actual tweet made by an actual Texas state legislator in response to the public showing up to the Texas State Capitol building in favor of a filibuster of an abortion bill. Regardless of your views on the bill itself, I think all decent people can agree that the public showing up to a public place to express a political opinion in a nonviolent manner is the exact inverse of “terrorism.” Shameful.

Save Big Bird!

The live stream of this search term is just nuts. Here’s a widget you can watch it with:


It’s only fitting that in the age of bumper-sticker politics and unsourced Facebook chain messages that a presidential candidate will lean on “zingers” in a debate. For better or worse, this is what people respond to right now in our 140-character-at-a-time, soundbite society.

Software patent trolls and the threat to small business

While Congress is arguing points of policy labeled with “job-killer” rhetoric, perhaps they should look into what international patent trolls are doing to independent developers here in America. Independent developers have driven so much innovation in the last decade and have been a real bright spot in a very dismal economic climate. Craig Hockenberry, he of the Iconfactory, has a very sobering first-hand view of this as his company is the target of such litigation. He likens the current climate as “coding in a minefield,” an assessment with which I am in complete agreement. How do vague software patents held by non-practicing companies possibly contribute to an economic climate conducive to innovation and growth?