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Various shows I stream over the Web.

New guideposts to Serious Business

Serious Business is indeed live at 8:30 tonight on — I’ve been busy reading a Tumblr-based show website and — finally! — a Twitter stream for the show as well. Brand identity, and all that — plus, this begins my strategy of pulling some of my multimedia productions out from under the umbrella (the weather stuff is next).

I’ll explain everything on the show at 8:30. :) Join us!

Serious Business Super Bowl Pre-Pre-Pregame Show Tonight!

After the conference championship games conclude tonight, I’ll be live from the JaredPlex on Serious Business with the first annual Serious Business Super Bowl Pre-Pre-Pregame Show, which I certainly hope will be reasonably self-explanatory. Keep an eye to my tweets or dents for an announcement of showtime. I’m estimating it’ll be around 9:30 ET, but that may be postponed depending on developments in today’s games.

1/14 Serious Business Recap

Transparency of many different types — whether it be the authenticity type, the Saran Wrap type, or the Windows 7 Aero window border glassy type — was interwoven all throughout the show tonight. It proved to be a pervasive theme, to say the least. Also, our first call-in over Skype! There’s still some kinks to work out, but they’ll get there. Overall a good stepping stone. Video after the jump. Continue reading

What you disclose online is Serious Business

Tonight’s Serious Business will start with a fairly serious topic: Openness, transparency, and disclosure online — how much is too much? Where should it stop? What kind of image are you creating based on what you put online? I’ve been mulling this for a while in a series of blog drafts, and Scobleizer’s recent comments on responsible social networking for those who are looking for a job have brought that issue back to the forefront.

Tonight, for the first time, I’ll be taking your calls over Skype. (It’ll work best if you use a headset.) Finally, you won’t have to listen to me talk for an hour. And, as always, we’ll have the Serious Business Afterglow Party at Gene’s Haufbrau starting roughly at 9:45. Bundle up, it’ll be cold. :)

Hope to see everybody tonight at 8:30 ET!

Twitter Fail and The 386 on Serious Business

Serious Business hit the ground running on its new night last night — we’re doing it live Wednesdays now at 8:30 PM ET. I saw a lot of new faces in the show last night — very cool! Here’s hoping next week I won’t fall asleep before preparation so I can start doing some Skype call-ins. :) An hour of my voice hurts your ears and my vocal cords, so it will be awesome to bring more into the mix. Last night’s show, where I say my piece on Twitter’s first-week-of-2009 struggles and demonstrate Windows 3.11 on my 386, lives on after the jump. Continue reading

Coming up tonight: a Serious look at 2008

2008 was Serious Business. I’ll be taking a look back at what 2008 did and take a stab, with the assistance of the infamous Dragon Dagger, at what 2009 might possibly bring (though I will likely be very, very wrong). I’ll take your predictions in the chat room, and we’ll likely derail the conversation in some awesome direction as we always do. :) We’ll do it live on at 8:30 Eastern, 5:30 Pacific. Hope to see you in chat!

Serious Business Hiatus Is OVAH!

Yes, I’m bringing Serious Business back tonight for the first time in three months. While the plan is to do another show next Tuesday, I can’t guarantee that Tuesdays will be the permanent night yet. (Honestly, it all predicates on the day of the week after work I go to Norm’s.) It’ll be the usual 8:30 ET starting time.

What’s on the docket tonight?

  • OMG LISTS: If you ask some people, lists are The Scourge of the Internets. Others deem them necessary, and even more people think “There’s two Internets?”
  • 12seconds Is The New Hotness: — a service that is essentially Twitter for videos, limiting you to 12 seconds to speak your mind — recently went into public beta. With more community building there, it’s starting to become a real blast, and I may have found a great use for it as well…
  • The Answers: A new segment wherein you ask me a question, I consult my source, and give you the answer. You’ll just have to see it.

There’s likely more, and who knows what tangents we might go off on in the conversation — the only way to find out for sure is if you join us at 8:30 ET tonight!

My Demo of Charleston Weather at the Independent Bloggers’ Conference

I had a wonderful time at ConvergeSouth and the impromptu but rabidly successful (at least in my mind) Independent Bloggers’ Conference this weekend. I’ll have a full recap post in the next day or so after I drive back from Greensboro, but here’s my demonstration of Charleston Weather from Saturday’s sessions, which was a fun and loose workshop with really cool questions from the crowd and a couple mishaps (because when you DO IT LIVE, sometimes things go wrong). Many thanks to Patrick for taping in high definition (and boo on iMovie for weirding it out a bit; this upload will be replaced by something a bit better soon).

Tonight’s Hanna Briefing

Tonight’s briefing started with a recap of Gustav and its impacts in Louisiana. We then moved along to Hanna; the 5PM track continues to take the storm in at the GA/SC border and up the gut of SC, and could potentially bring hurricane force winds to Charleston by Friday. Also, I took a quick look at Ike and yet another area under investigation out in the Atlantic, Invest 99.

I’ll have a full post with the next full advisory at 11PM.