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Downtime announcements for upgrades, etc.

Apologies for the Crash

Unfortunately, for a couple days it looks like none of you were able to get your fix of largely outdated blog posts. I’m not terribly sure why the pool for was trying to allocate a metric crap-ton of memory, but I’ve got it all fixed and running some newer stuff as well, including a rather nice upgrade from Linode (for free!) that will help me do some more interesting number-crunching on weather data.

About freaking time

I’m going to be upgrading this WordPress instance to 2.5.1. FINALLY. Stuff will be discombobulated for a little bit, hang tight. UPDATE: The update’s been completed. Looks good over here but if you see anything wonky, let me know and I’ll iron it out.

Some feeding issues at the moment

My RSS/Atom feeds seem to be only exporting as a summary of my posts, regardless of the preference I set in the WordPress panel. I have a more than sneaking suspicion that this unwanted truncation of my feeds is due to the LiveJournal cross-posting plugin. As a troubleshooting measure, LiveJournal crossposting has been temporarily disabled. Hopefully this won’t be a permanent condition, as I dearly like that feature.

Update: Seems everything’s okay now…I’m not sure what’s up. Please, everyone, verify in your feed reader of choice. Thanks. :)

All done!

I’m going to be upgrading WordPress to version 2.0.5 — please bear with me for about 20 minutes or so. I’ll update this post when I’m done. :)

All finished! :) Let me know if you run into issues.


A word on site slowness

During the last few days I’m sure you’ve noticed serious problems with accessing the site. I’ve been in constant contact with my webhost about this, and there is just a lot of load on their entire system. The good news is that they’ll be performing a core router upgrade soon. Very, very cool.

DreamHost is a stand-up group of people who do a really fantastic job given the circumstances of running a ridiculously popular and high-volume hosting service. I recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Serious issues with the blog for most of today

I’m not sure what’s up, but the blog — as well as the rest of my sites, for that matter — are currently dog-slow. I’ve got a call into the host to see what’s up.

Site problems notwithstanding, the 5PM Hurricane Center advisory puts Charleston in the crosshairs for a Category 1 Hurricane Ernesto landfall. Check out the map. The track has jogged all around from east to west during the day today, but has come back to center. The white swath surrounding the center called the cone of uncertainty — yes, I talk about this a lot — is still gargantuan. This can and probably will change a lot. But for now, we should assume that at 2PM Thursday — 15 minutes after high tide — the center of Alberto will come ashore, probably over Johns Island, packing 80 MPH winds, lots of heavy rain, and isolated tornadoes.

Am I concerned? Damn right. My car is tentatively scheduled to be driven back to the relative safety of Goose Creek tomorrow (far less flooding at my parents’ place). I’m working on doing a full backup of my data and storing it somewhere safe. That and I’m getting water and all that jazz…and then I’m staying put. I may ask my friend Tom for his kayak, not sure yet. It could come in handy.

For those interested in the science behind forecasting hurricane tracks, I direct you to Dr. Jeff Masters’ introduction to the computer models at Weather Underground. It’s a great article.

For the reaction from the rest of the Charleston area, I direct you to Lowcountry Blogs, where the Post and Courier’s Daniel Conover rounds up the blog buzz from Charleston on a near-daily basis on many topics, and Ernesto will definitely be no exception.


Seems the weather station outage was not Comcast’s doing, but rather a power failure in the corner of my room where my server and my desktop reside. The power came back to there and was working for a while but it’s out again, probably for good. Going to have to get an electrician out tomorrow to have a look at the problem. There aren’t any tripped breakers (and none of the breakers are labeled so watch me randomly shut someone’s power off if I mess with them) so I’m not sure what the heck is going on.

I’m writing this from my ever-present piece of junk laptop that decided to stay on an hour more than the battery usually allows, which is a great thing because if it had shut off I don’t think I would have gotten it to turn back on again until next month. Damn thing.

Anyway, anything I was doing for people is temporarily on hold until I get a resolution to this power problem. This will also certainly have an effect on any blogging I planned on doing this evening…really, it’s all messed up. The only good thing is that the Linux box that runs the weather station is on the other side of the house (toward the backyard) and just needed a reboot to properly pick up the new DNS and DHCP settings (as my DNS and DHCP server is currently sitting in the corner of my room doing nothing). Seems last week’s bad luck is trickling over in a mighty way to this week…oh well.

[UPDATE1] Catastrophic failure

So I was making a couple random tweaks to the installation…I got a random MySQL error, and then all of a sudden the site’s reverted back to the default. I’m thinking a table was corrupted…I’ve asked my host for a backup, hopefully one will be restored within the next few hours…this is BAD.

UPDATE: Fixed. Much better. Now I can get back to doing other, more important tweaks…