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“The Internet missed you.” — Patrick

I’ve missed you too, Internet. And yes, I’m back, unshaven ugly mug and all.

Look for this site to expand in the coming months, including the reintroduction of the forums. I’m really looking forward to doing some great blogging here. This should be most excellent. For you forum people, you can register and add comments on my blogs, so it’s *almost* as good. ;) It will improve though, I’m sure of it.

Glad to be back!

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WordPress is up…

Welcome to the new server, which I’ve decided will be powered by WordPress. No timetable for me doing anything to this for a while, so don’t ask.

The forums will remain down for a little while yet. I’ve got a lot on my plate right now and that’s going to have to take a backseat for the moment. I’ll keep you informed.