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New Nickelback – sounds like every other Nickelback album

So I’ve had an opportunity to listen to the new Nickelback album in its entirety. And I must say, as I’ve commented to a few people by now, that Nickelback would gain much respect from me if they shedded their formula and went with something fresh, i.e. not incorporating the How You Remind Me riff into some of their songs four years after it hit the charts. They did it with Someday on The Long Road and the offender on their new album All The Right Reasons is Savin’ Me. It’s not a bad song, but it’s like the third time I’ve heard How You Remind Me, and I dunno…it’s starting to get old.

All The Right Reasons is notable because it’s the first Nickelback album since the firing of Ryan Vikedal, their long-time drummer. They replaced him with Daniel Adair, formerly of Three Doors Down. Adair’s not that bad of a drummer. I just wish Nickelback’s song structure would let him cut loose some more. Briefly, in the opening song of the album “Follow You Home,” Adair does some sweet double-drumming reminiscent of Lars Ulrich, and then the standard Nickelback Drop-D Song Formula ensues. That’s the thing that’s always bugged me about this band since Silver Side Up – they’ve been very formulaic. Listen to Curb and The State, and you’ll hear a much freer band, which is more liberal about their song diversity. I just feel like Nickelback’s painted themselves into a corner as a “solid rock band.” While they’re not necessarily as repetitive about their music as Brian Johnson-era AC/DC, I still think they could do some work branching out a bit. Using pianos on a couple songs is a good start toward that, but I think – hell, I know they can, listen to Worthy to Say on The State – do some outstanding, funky stuff.

All The Right Reasons
is another solid rock album, but I think Nickelback is long overdue for a reinvention.


Yes, more gloating about sports. I can’t help myself.

The Chargers beat the Patriots today, IN FOXBOROUGH, by a score of 41-17. WOW! What a dominating performance by Drew Brees, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Antonio Gates. Whew-wee…

Now let’s hope the Panthers can beat the Pack tomorrow night. The NFC North stinks, which plays into our favor…


Padres win the West!

The Padres just won the NL West with a 9-1 victory over the Giants. They may be .500, but it’s still a playoff berth.

How sweet it is! :)

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Downtown flooding this morning

This morning’s a (expletive) mess. I walked through a foot of water in some places to get to work today, which is better than the girl in the blue Ion who was driving and didn’t quite expect the rising waters at the corner of Coming and Morris this morning. The drainage at that intersection basically gave up, and was absolutely gushing water. It’s amazing how a little rain can screw everything up…

UPDATE: Charleston NWS is estimating two to five inches of rainfall, with another one to two inches expected. Ouch.



Braves wrap up #14

Congratulations to the Atlanta Braves, who can have half their team decimated by injuries and STILL win the NL East!


And now if only the Padres could clinch, preferably a game or two over .500…


Expected Gibbons upgrades for next month

After rebuilding Gibbons earlier this month, I’ve done a lot of work to improve it; with a radically faster motherboard, radically faster drives, it’s been great. But I still only have 512 MB of RAM.

After next payday I’m investigating obtaining 2 GB of DDR400 RAM for the machine. I’ll go dual-channel and everything with it; that should really be the final step in enhancing this box’s performance. I might also get a floppy drive with a black bezel. The white’s starting to annoy me now. :P I probably should look into USB ports for the front, as well, if not a full-fledged USB hub of some kind. I’m always running out of ports (I only have 4, which is a little lousy).

Rest in peace, Maxwell Smart.

Don Adams died today of a lung infection. He was Maxwell Smart in the Get Smart TV series, and was the voice behind Inspector Gadget. Damn shame.

News10 out of Sacramento has the story.


NFL Roundup

Way to go San Diego. Kicking Eli in the mouth was a lot of fun to watch. :)

Carolina…Carolina…oh boy. Guys, we’ve gotta cut the conservative playcalling crap and be a little more daring.

I have to be awake in about four hours. Yay. ‘Night.



Relationship Forums now operational

The Relationship Forums, a side project that I’ve had since October of 2001 (long story as to how I got there), is back online with a shiny new vBulletin installation. Check it out! :)

Site News The Realm

What happened to all the old stuff?

In my high school days, and the first couple years of college, I maintained a pretty sensationalized version of my life at a site I called The Realm. It used to be known as “The Realm of Jared Smith” before I snipped the “of Jared Smith” off just before version 1.0 was unleashed in October of 1999. I featured updates on my personal life, my futile quests to obtain various girls that I codenamed for “security reasons,” song parodies, and Special Reports, where I basically over-sensationalized various events in my daily life in a way that would make FOX News jealous. The Realm went through four major and one minor revision during the four and a half years it was commissioned. Over the years it gradually became less of a song parody showcase and indeed became more personal. A unique feature of The Realm was the message board, which lived on until I shut down the first version of earlier this year. (I’m debating whether to keep the message board as-is or totally realign the content with the blog.) Every Realm revision contained some sort of gaudy, useless special effect until version 4.5, where I reworked the site to be less flashy and more consistent with Web standards.

I’ve had a few inquiries in the last few days asking about the whereabouts of the old stuff. Because I’m a nostalgic freak, I’ve archived every design since version 1.0 in varying locations on my Web server. I have yet to reinstate version 4.5, but I’ll get that back online one day.

Please note that these designs may contain a lot of bugs varying from JavaScript problems to MySQL errors. Because I haven’t maintained these designs since they were retired, and have moved them around from location to location, that will certainly break a lot of things. You’ll want to use IE to capture the essence of the special effects I was very prone to (ab)using in those days. Also, some of the opinions held then do not necessarily reflect my opinions now. Case in point: I used to be the biggest IE fanboy EVER. Not anymore…

So what are you waiting for? Dive in and enjoy.

The Realm, v1.0
Realm2K (The Realm, v2.0)
The Realm, Millennium Edition (v3.0)
The Realm, Version Four (v4.0)