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Whew-wee…my bad.

My bad guys, I accidentally brought the MySQL server to its knees by importing a 250 MB database in the command line. Whoops.

I’ll try not to do that again. :D More updates later when I get some breathing time.



In need of a miracle.

I’m hearing some very sad news out of San Diego tonight.

My aunt Sobeida has been battling a very aggressive form of leukemia since last summer. It’s been a roller-coaster ride, as most cancer treatments are. She’s had her good days and her not-so-good days with chemo treatments and stem cell transplants. After a second stem cell transplant earlier this year, she went into remission, and things looked very promising.

Sadly, the remission did not last long. A month or two afterward, a routine checkup discovered that the stem cell transplant, which came from her own bone marrow fresh after a heavy dose of chemotherapy, had not been as successful as they first thought, and the leukemia was returning, as aggressively as ever. Two weeks ago we learned that the disease was serious enough to where a donor would be the only viable option to prolonging her life. The troops mobilized and got their bone marrow tested to see if it would be a match for Sobeida. But as many families with loved ones on the waiting list know, sometimes the wait becomes terminal.

Tonight the news is not good out of San Diego, as things are taking a turn for the worse. My Uncle Eric, God bless his soul, has done so much to try to make her as pain-free as possible in what could be her final days.

Your prayers and thoughts are sincerely appreciated. Also, please consider going to your local American Red Cross office to get your bone marrow tested, and making a donation to the American Cancer Society. I’m far from the only person on Earth going through this. You can help save lives and help us understand why cancer is as brutal as it is.

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Have I accomplished the impossible?

I need some enlightening from the fledgling readership out here. How is it that I get a parking ticket for being in a residential zone for over an hour when I pay for and properly display a permit that states I can park in said residential zone without time limit or fear of penalty?

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“The Internet missed you.” — Patrick

I’ve missed you too, Internet. And yes, I’m back, unshaven ugly mug and all.

Look for this site to expand in the coming months, including the reintroduction of the forums. I’m really looking forward to doing some great blogging here. This should be most excellent. For you forum people, you can register and add comments on my blogs, so it’s *almost* as good. ;) It will improve though, I’m sure of it.

Glad to be back!

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WordPress is up…

Welcome to the new server, which I’ve decided will be powered by WordPress. No timetable for me doing anything to this for a while, so don’t ask.

The forums will remain down for a little while yet. I’ve got a lot on my plate right now and that’s going to have to take a backseat for the moment. I’ll keep you informed.