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2PM: Hanna headed to hurricane strength again

Hanna’s getting it together in a hurry. The 2PM advisory took it to the threshold of hurricane force — a 70 MPH tropical storm. It’s also started heading north at 20, a bit earlier than the forecast track first pegged it, too — which may have implications for the forecast track at 5PM.

So far there’s been some decent, if short-lived, rain, heavy at times through the area. Bands have stopped and started — typical of a tropical system. A third squall is about to come on shore now; these will increase in frequency and strength as time goes on. Nothing out of the ordinary so far, though. Post some of your observations in comments — I’m curious to see what you’re seeing.

Radar is rolling in the Charleston Weather broadcast, and I’ll have skycam shots at times too. Back to the air I go…

A half hour before the clock tolls 5…

I was reading some of the reaction to today’s Ernesto progress and came across this tidbit that made my hair stand up just a tad:

One relatively late trend that bears watching: After moving to the east on Tuesday, the landfall coordinates have been drifting west again since the 5 a.m. update. When most people got up this morning the likely landfall was near Bull’s Bay. It moved east at 8 and at 11, then again at the 2 p.m. At this hour, the projected landfall coordinates are 32.8 N, 79.8 W — still in the East Cooper area, but the trend is pointing back toward the harbor.

We’ll see if this trend stands at the 5PM advisory, due in about 20 minutes or so…and I’ll see you then.