In Pictures

9/11 in the Capital Region

The District of Columbia and American flags on 9/10/2011

Taken while walking in downtown Washington yesterday with Ale and Duke.

Remembering 9/11.

I can’t believe it’s been five years since September 11, 2001 — but it has. The memories of sitting in my drama class (how ironic) and watching the coverage was all too disorienting. The confusion afterward was even worse; since the military base nearby Goose Creek High School had to go into lockdown, there was a big mess for all the students trying to get home. God forbid they left their military IDs at home — that would have been BAD. Instead of my stable of rock and roll for the drive home, there was Tom Brokaw over the radio, simulcasting on several of the major radio stations, as the aftermath of the disaster became more or less clear. It took a long time to wrap what had happened around my head — the sight of two giant buildings, icons of American power and wealth, crumbling into dust onto city streets just blew my mind; to see the Pentagon, a symbol of our military might, in flames, was downright disturbing. The displays of patriotism and unity that followed were refreshing, however temporary they may have been. Where did that unity go?

I’m watching CNN Pipeline’s coverage of 9/11/2001 as it happened — something I didn’t get to see as I sat in my classes that morning. It’s as bone-chilling now as it was five years ago.

Today is a day we must put the politics aside and remember the many who have died on 9/11 and in our subsequent military actions around the world.