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Feel the BRRR!

It was a chilly one out today — not to mention rainy, nasty, gloomy, depressing — the kind of weather that, as we all know, I abhor. :) While tomorrow will be sunnier, it’ll be the beginning of a serious cold snap. Can you say upper 20s? Yikes! Perhaps winter has, at long last, finally arrived? Or will it just rebound to 70 in a couple weeks like it has in the past? Time will tell. Charleston is such an interesting weather town.

So last night was the party. It was quite good — no real complaints. I had fun, met some cool people, and there was the little bits of drama mixed in (as per the norm at most parties) — good times, overall. I was there far, far later than I had anticipated though. Today started for me at about 1:30 PM. Whoops. Haha. Oh well…

At 4 or so I made the drive to my parents’ place and we had excellent chicken soft tacos and watched the Cowboys squeak by the Giants. That was a really good game. The best part about today came in two sub-parts, though: The Chargers won, and the Colts lost. This means the Chargers have a share of the AFC lead (the Colts still would be seeded #1 for their better conference record). Things are looking very good for the Chargers right now in terms of a first-round bye, but they’ve gotta keep up playing for the next few weeks. This will go down to the wire, for sure.

Other than that, there isn’t much to report for today…was pretty standard, as Sundays go.

And with that, let exam panic begin. :)