Serious Business: The Apple Store, Trade Deadline, and Tangents

Lots of tangents on tonight’s Serious Business; just the way I like it. We talked more Apple Store, bashed Windows a little bit, and got into a decent baseball discussion with lots of little tangents to connect it all together, including my odd Saturday night!

In case you missed it, here’s the show:

Serious Business is tentatively on for next Sunday at 8:30. I’m headed to Atlanta for the weekend, but I should be back by Sunday evening. I’m still working up the agenda for next week’s show and expect to have it up sometime this week. Thanks to everyone who fought through the technical troubles and stopped in!

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Coming up on Serious Business: Apple Store and more!

Don’t forget about Serious Business tomorrow night at 8:30. We’ll be talking Apple Store, why Windows’ days in my household are numbered, and whatever tangents we find ourselves on along the way. It’s 8:30 tomorrow night, and it’s Serious Business.

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The Apple Store Opens

Apple Store Opens

Yes, folks, it’s open. After months of anticipation, Charleston, and South Carolina, for that matter, finally has an Apple retail store — officially the King Street Apple Store — in the heart of downtown. No more drives to Charlotte for a Genius Bar. It’s a pretty sweet thing for Apple fanatics and technology consumers in general.

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Apple Store Saturday

The King Street Apple Store opens Saturday at 10 am. I’m thinking about dropping in to check out the hysteria — anyone else?

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Is an Apple store on the horizon?

The P&C is reporting this morning on the possibility of an Apple Store opening in the former Cumberland’s space on King Street. That would be very sweet, and fit right in with the high-end shopping King Street is known for. Hat tip to James for the initial headsup over Twitter and Matthew for finding the article.