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After a few false starts, I’m going to be finally taking a breather and heading up to Atlanta tomorrow with some friends. We’re going to catch the bloodied and bruised Braves (who just can’t catch a break) as they host the Milwaukee Brewers. The Braves found Chuck James to make the start against Jeff Suppan. (No, I will not live-tweet the game. :)) It’ll be my first trip to The Ted, so I’m really excited about that. Our seats are reasonably decent and I’m anticipating several fly balls in my direction. I think I’m going to buy a new Atlanta cap while I’m there; likely one of the super-comfortable 39-30 models used in spring training and batting practice. We’re also slated to head to Six Flags. It’s been, what, 10 years since I went to an amusement park? Crazy. Should be fun, though I have issues with rollercoasters that I’m not going to get into right now. I’m hoping to run into some friends who will also be in Atlanta along the way.

The trip’s going to be a good way to ring in August after a really wild July. I’m probably crazy to say this, but I’m ready to get summer over with so I can attack this last semester with as much as I can give.

I’m on the fence about Serious Business on Sunday. I’ll probably be back early in the day (provided we don’t lollygag in Atlanta, which is always possible and easy to do), but who knows after six hours of driving whether I’ll be in any shape to do Serious Business. That will probably be a game-time decision, so stay tuned. :)


I’m emerging from my hole for a few…as one can imagine, life has its ways of socking one in from doing much else than sleeping, eating, working, schooling, and repeating the cycle somehow. I did, however, catch a little time to test WordPress 2.1 on a development server and realize that it’s ready for me to go here…so I literally, just now, completed the upgrade. It’s pretty beautiful too. The fact that WP is now auto-saving my posts…a beautiful, beautiful thing.

There’s a lot going on…let’s see:

  • I’ve been heavily involved in revamping the pages for CofC Information Technology over the last several weeks. Next week is going to be quite the doozy, as we begin a thorough QA review of every page on the site, which is pretty gigantic. Should be an interesting, interesting week…
  • Bands of the last several weeks: The Cure, Days of the New, Diamond Head, Sweet Savage, and Filter. Sadly, smooth Weather Channel jazz just doesn’t promote the high energy levels needed to get through the last several weeks.
  • School’s all intertwined in this mess, too. That’s going quite well — I’m extremely pleased with how it’s been going. I have been quite enjoying my classes this semester.
  • Tom’s got the Atlanta pictures up. One day I’ll get a minute to sit down and write a long narrative for these…
  • It’s Super Sunday. Can the Colts’ no-huddle offense sufficiently discombobulate the Bears’ D? Can Rex Grossman pull out the game of his life? I find it interesting that basically no one in the media is giving the Bears a chance. A popular score is 34-24 Colts. It’s going to be a lot closer game than people realize. It’s going to come down to kickers, IMO…

That’s it for now — once life calms itself, I’ll have a bit more for you. Have a happy, joyous day…

Yes, Atlanta is On

So as I mentioned in my previous post, I’ll be on my way to Atlanta in a few short hours. Should be fun, though I should go to bed soon. LOL. Unfortunately this is a working roadtrip, as I’ve got a laptop with me to do stuff for work/class. Nutty. I’ll talk more about some of this later on this week.

I’ve really shaken up my playlist in the last couple weeks. The iPod now contains far less Weather Channel jazz, in favor of a varying lot of rock music. My Incubus obsession continues, and I’ve gotten obsessed with some of the early ’80s British bands that inspired Metallica to go out and do their thing (Diamond Head, Sweet Savage, etc.). Oh, and I have been completely about The Cure lately. Tantric’s also gotten some increased airplay. But don’t take my word for it, keep an eye on my last.fm charts. Clearly, this is a sign that, for the first time in a year or so, females are troubling me. I consider this a positive sign. Haha.

WordPress 2.1 is out. I am itching to upgrade but the WordPress team has made some nifty template changes — as a result, I’ll need to audit my template. This will take a while to review, so it may be a few weeks before 2.1 goes live here. I’ll be really happy to have an auto-save feature finally, but I’m hoping to avoid the serious issues Chris is having with his blog right now.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. I may do a little writing from the road — we shall see.