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Coming this weekend (hopefully): a recap of my BarCampCHS dual-pol radar session

Saturday marked the fourth BarCamp Charleston (these days known as BarCampCHS). I spoke for the first time since the original BarCamp; my talk covered the dual-polarization upgrade being rolled out to the national weather radar network.

Since the meat of the presentation was an analysis of the hail-producing thunderstorms that hit Summerville a week ago, I’ll need to write up a recap (with screenshots) and post it here. This will have to happen this weekend as BoomTown Unite winds down and I have some time to decompress after a conference-overload weekend.

Thanks again to everyone who attended my session! I am already looking forward to BarCampCHS 5.

BarCamp Charlotte

I went up to Charlotte, NC on Saturday to take part in BarCamp Charlotte 2. I got a great deal of value out of the presentations, and it was really important for me to see a BarCamp in action — important as we prepare for the inaugural BarCamp Charleston on Saturday.

I was only able to attend the afternoon sessions, but fortunately I was able to see how Charlotte’s interpretation of BarCamp works. I even tried to pitch a session talking about what I’ve done with my weather projects, and while there was some interest, it didn’t quite pass muster. But that’s alright — I know I wouldn’t have been able to match the quality of the sessions I attended, which were incredibly well-thought-out and creative. I attended a session called “45 Questions in 45 Minutes,” which aimed for 45 questions about the web answered in a strict one-minute time limit (though people found loopholes later on :) ). I got to see a great demo of HTML5 — and from that, confidence that I can start to use HTML 5 now. Finally, I attended a panel about the future of journalism (a topic near and dear to this journalism major’s heart), during which I got to mention the #CHS Hashtag Summit, which likely sparked a Charlotte news hashtagging movement as well.

It was also great to connect and re-connect with a lot of my Charlotte Twitter friends. I think that’s the part of these events I enjoy most — connecting with all the people in “real life” that I interact with daily on Twitter. I also got to meet a whole lot of new people as well — always a plus.

The event seemed to go very well (at least for the few hours I was there), and I look forward to making the trip for BarCamp Charlotte 3.

BarCamp Charleston’s approaching — still time to get involved!

BarCampCHS Logo There’s just a little over a month to go until BarCamp Charleston, which will be held on Saturday, October 24 at the Lowcountry Innovation Center. BarCamp is really gaining steam, with some fantastic session proposals and great sponsors, including Collecta, a powerful real-time search engine with local ties; rehava, a real estate store that is reinventing how homes are bought and sold; and the City of North Charleston, home of the Lowcountry Innovation Center and the best municipal social media strategy in the region.

We can still use your help, though. We’re still looking for more sponsors to help us put on an outstanding free event (BarCamp is meant to be free to everyone). Check out the BarCamp sponsor packages. Have an idea for a presentation? Let’s hear it, whether you can teach it or if you want someone else to teach it. It doesn’t have to be a technology topic, either — BarCamp, while it has traditionally been tech-oriented, is about sharing all types of knowledge. People have proposed sessions about photography, public speaking and the king of Internet meme foods, bacon.

Want to get involved in the planning of BarCamp? That’s easy, too — our biweekly planner’s meeting is at 5:30 PM on Tuesday. We’ll be chowing down at EVO Pizza in North Charleston (here’s a map to EVO), so come hungry and full of ideas. We’d love to have you.

Keep up with regular BarCamp updates on the BarCamp blog or by following @BarCampCHS on Twitter, and don’t forget to mark down the 24th of October.

BarCamp Charleston is coming

[gmap zoom=”13″]Work’s begun to bring a BarCamp to Charleston. I’m working with Calvin Webster to get the initial stuff kicked off. Eugene’s got more on BarCamp, including details about a planning meeting tomorrow evening at Muddy Waters in West Ashley. We’ll be getting started at 6:00 — it’s open to anybody interested in helping with the BarCamp event.

I’m really not sure what’s gotten into Charleston lately, but seeing this DIY spirit really explode here in the last month has been simply awesome. BarCamp-style events are great; CREATE South, for example, was founded on similar principles. It’ll be great to have one here in Charleston. Watch barcampchs.org and @barcampchs on Twitter for more details as they become available. Also, thanks to Matthew Gregg, there’s a BarCampCHS chat room and mailing list.