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Three days, three tweetups

I wonder how many consecutive days I’d have to go to tweetups before it became a Guinness world record. I’m on day two of a three-day tweetup tour (perhaps I should make T-shirts). Last night Lowcountry bloggers met up at The Glass Onion on Highway 17 in West Ashley. (Check out the Brightkite stream.) The food at this self-described “soulful restaurant” was fantastic and enjoyable. The staff were among the best we’ve had for a meetup and the beer selection was great, too. I’ll definitely be back. Eugene and Heather have photos and recaps.

Tonight, Lowcountry BBQ takes its tour of BBQ joints to JB’s Smokeshack on Johns Island. I really, really enjoy the BBQ “meatups” for obvious reasons. :) Tomorrow night, bloggers and tweeters will be at a Stingrays hockey game (in some incredible seats, if I do say so myself). The ice will be pink for that game to support cancer research — that’ll be a first for me. :)

I definitely enjoy these local events — it’s always fun to hang out with online friends offline, and if you’re local and haven’t been to any of our meetups yet, I really recommend it. We’ve got really cool people in the Charleston Twitter/blogosphere. :)


I went to Charleston Beerworks tonight, and had two “Wow!” moments:

  • Loose Cannon, a beer which I need to ascertain the origin from, is friggin’ amazing. It’s 8 percent, but incredibly easy to drink. I’ve become a big fan already.
  • The band that was playing tonight — sadly, I did not catch their name — has an amazing taste in music. They performed Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song) by Incubus, one of my absolute favorites. Major props to them tonight.

A crapload of green…

Wow, downtown Charleston was busy last night. See, I never really got into the whole St. Patrick’s Day drinking thing because, well, I was under 21. This year I’m actually legal, so I went out there. I left a great deal of the consumption to the rest of the crowd – between the camouflage bagpipes and unbelievably packed bars, it was pretty crazy. One of the bars I went to started playing a crapload of U2 songs…but I couldn’t stick around long enough to make an ass of myself trying to sing them. :P Indeed, after the week I’ve had I was out by 11:30. Do I suck? Absolutely, and I’ve already heard all about it. :P

On the upside, I probably feel the best of most of the people who went out last night. Yay being able to function!