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The silence is deafening…

A lot’s happened since I last had a few spare seconds to breathe and blog. I turned 23, Facebook opened up, and I have some…erm…”baseball” news to share. How about we work backwards, starting with…

The “Baseball” News*

Let’s see here…so there’s this batter that I’ve been having some trouble putting away. It’s been like a 20-pitch at-bat in the bottom of the 9th with the score tied and the bases empty. We ran the count to 3-2 about 10 pitches ago, and it’s been nothing but foul tip after foul tip ever since. All this time, I can’t help but think there’s been someone getting loose in the bullpen in the event I can’t retire the hitter — and sure enough, the manager had me intentionally walk the batter and is going for the righty warming in the ‘pen to try to finish it off. Yep, I’m done — maybe next game, whenever that will be. I really don’t want to be sent back to the minors to work on my…erm…”mechanics” again.

Reflecting on this pitch sequence, I must work harder to not lose batters so early in the count (especially if I get ahead), and I have to throw more sinkers to induce ground balls so I don’t lose an inning’s worth of effectiveness on one hitter. This is definitely a problem I’ve had throughout my career.

I exited the game to the tune of “I Will Lead You” by Filter. Oh, how I wish it had been “Fair Weather” by Trammell Starks instead.

* Where “baseball news” is actually something a little more abstract, but nonetheless an epic struggle, that was discussed at the Lowcountry Blogs meetup last Sunday.

The Facebook Platform

The new Facebook platform, which launched overnight Thursday, solidifies Facebook as much, much better than MySpace. I can now let people preview Days of the New and Ryan Farish tracks on my profile, I can show them what I’m listening to thanks to the unofficial Last.fm plugin (they were asleep at the wheel and usurped by a high school freshman — how ridiculous is that?), and I can FINALLY rearrange the Notes feature to a more prominent location so more people will read The Blog. (At least, when I update it.)

If you had asked me a year ago whether Facebook was going to be a “social operating system” as some have called it, I would have said you were nuts. These people are creative as hell, folks, and I applaud them for remaining independent. They are a real shining star in the Web 2.0 ecosystem.


I turned 23 on Tuesday surrounded by good friends and great times. The beer flowed a’plenty and it was a great night. Age 23 is already ushering in some exciting changes — more on these when I get a little more leeway to talk about them.

There’s more going on, though. Today I got my birthday present from my parents installed — new speakers all the way around in The Cougar. It’s nice to finally be able to listen to my music in the car cleanly. I rarely drive, but when I do, it’s typically for a decent distance, so it’s nice to get away from those OEM speakers (21 years old, FTW!) that were blown to shreds. Let’s hope they’re up to the task of pumping out a steady stream of Days of the New, Ryan Farish, and whoever else decides to grace my series of mix CDs. This kicks off a summer of the work on the car. The next step is to get the air conditioning replaced, then replace the exhaust system and get a new paint job on it. It won’t be cheap, but I can swing it. Owning a car is cool when you actually own it (and the taxes are $10, lol). And people wonder why I don’t go buy a new one…

Happy one-year anniversary to my weather station. A year ago today, I started reporting conditions from my old place on Felix St. as a test run. I learned a lot that day — particularly the bit about not putting the thermometer in the sun. It was kind of funny when I rushed the thermometer back in the house at about 12:45 that day in order to cool it off. (You’ll see the unusual dip on the graph.) Needless to say, it did NOT get to 99 that day. :) The station began serving conditions from my current place on Ashley shortly thereafter, and has done so since, and will do so into the next year. It’s been a very, very useful tool over this last year, and I’m hoping to expand my capabilities very soon — I think we’re just at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this whole weather thing.

The goal is to get back to a more regular blogging schedule in the next few days. May has been a traditionally light blogging month — the weather’s usually nice, so I’m usually out a lot — kind of like I hope to be out at the beach tomorrow, this time armed with much more sunscreen than before. But yes, you’ll be hearing more from me soon.

My thanks to our troops past and present — your sacrifices will be remembered and honored on Memorial Day.

Happy Birthday, World Wide Web

Slashdot reminds us that today marks the 16th birthday of the World Wide Web. I don’t think Tim Berners-Lee had any clue as to the monster he was creating when he put together the first Web servers. :)

Can any of you out there imagine your lives without the Web now? I know I certainly can’t — it’s been a central focus of my life since I was 13. Sometimes I ask myself what I would have ended up doing if it weren’t for the Web, and I’m honestly not sure. It’s a pretty amazing thing, no doubt about it.