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Post & Courier offers buyouts to employees

The Post & Courier is offering to buy out their employees to help cut back salaries without layoffs. This scares me. We need newsrooms; despite the rise of citizen journalism, there is still an important place for the trained, professional newsgatherers who hunt the stories, who have the access and the discretion necessary to advance a story objectively. Newsrooms still drive the agenda in the country. The blogosphere gives us an unprecedented opportunity to provide a check and balance against an increasingly corporate media, but the blogosphere still largely thrives on the newsrooms. Newspapers need to stop focusing on the medium and start focusing on the message; becoming platform-agnostic is the only way newsrooms will survive, and it’s frightening how many publications simply do not get this.

A black eye on the blogosphere

While the world is mourning the terrible tragedy at Virginia Tech, there are reckless xenophobic bigots in the blogosphere who automatically pinned it on a Muslim before knowing any of the facts of the case. Upon learning the facts, she called for a reduction in foreign student visas. Ridiculous. It’s folks like Ms. Schlussel who make the blogosphere look incredibly amateurish, extremist, and immature. People like her absolutely poison the public discourse of the country, and she and her followers should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. Maybe Tim O’Reilly was on to something…

Midday update

I brought WordPress up to 2.1.3 just now — a round of security updates were released for it. I recommend it for everyone who’s rolling their own WordPress installation (the hosted service already got the changes).

A little rainstorm has popped up over the peninsula. One could say these are the first “popcorn thunderstorms” of the year. It’s going to be awful summerlike today and tomorrow, with expected highs in the upper 80s, but Thursday will bring a rude awakening with lows in the upper 40s and highs in the 60s. That should be amusing.

I really recommend you all stop by the Wachovia Auditorium at the Beatty Center for Business and Economics Thursday night, as Peter Applebome from The New York Times will be stopping by for a lecture about how the Times is embracing — and struggling with — the blogosphere. I’ll be there — I hope to see some of you as well.

Looooong night tonight, with the whole 10PM shift and all. Catch you all later…