In Brief People

Brad’s back

My buddy Brad Kelly is back in the blogosphere. He’s caught the entrepreneur bug, which should make for some enlightening reading. Welcome back Brad!

As Per Whatever

I am Time’s Person of the Year…

…and so are you. Big responsibility, huh? :) It’s a neat piece, and almost a startling admission that user-generated content is increasingly driving the agenda of the media. Good read, I recommend it.

The momentum of this phenomenon you and I are caught up in sure seems unstoppable, but a Gartner report seems to foretell otherwise. I’m not going to argue too much with the basic premise of this, really — the honeymoon will inevitably end. The blogosphere will settle down a bit and work out its kinks like a good system should; these ‘kinks’ are personal websites that may or may not have much influence that eventually are abandoned. Chances are, if a blog is abandoned, it either wasn’t that great or wasn’t being read much, or perhaps it had simply run its course. This is normal, though; this has happened since the Web came to fruition. It’s not a sign of a giant Web 2.0 meltdown; rather, it’s a sign that Web 2.0 is robust; far more robust, I think, than the initial 2000 dotcom bust. People will come, people will go, but the system is in place more firmly than ever, I think.

As Per Whatever Observations

On dancing, and other random musings…

I came to a realization pretty much out of nowhere tonight: I need to learn how to dance. I’m really starting to come to the conclusion that this skill could be incredibly useful. Currently my only reactions to music are bobbing my head and, in the case of certain techno songs, moving my hand up and down slightly in reaction to the beat. Some songs, such as “Embrace” from Ryan Farish’s Selected Works package, feature a subtle record-scratching phenomenon that I attempt to replicate as well. In other words, as I walk down Calhoun Street listening to my iPod, I’m sure I make plenty of people nervous. Learning to dance as a normal person — i.e. not appearing as if I’m suffering from a seizure — could be useful in further advancing my social life.

Tonight I’ll be attending a seminar concerning crisis communication. I’ll be very curious to see if the Internet is mentioned at this seminar, because as we saw a month ago with the impending landfall of Tropical Breeze Ernesto, the blogs came alive and often outperformed the “traditional” media outlets (television in particular) on delivering the facts in a short period of time. If the Internet doesn’t enter the conversation — which, honestly, I’d be surprised if it were left out — I will make sure to bring it up.

On an extremely nerdy note, The Weather Channel playlist this month is one of the best I’ve heard in a long time. I’ve heard two selections from the new Ryan Farish album Everlasting, including “Together We Will Conquer” and “Young At Heart.” Plus, it appears “Last Train Home” by the Pat Metheny Group is in the list this month, which is awesome. I have yet to hear it in the Local Forecast but that song is one of my favorite jazz compositions.

I hope everyone enjoys their Thursday — one more day until Friday…