In Brief

Time to dump IE 7, too?

A rumor that Facebook Timeline won’t support IE 7 got traction over the New Year’s weekend. According to a comment by Facebook engineer Stefan Parker, though, Facebook will eventually support Timeline on IE 7 (and 6, for that matter). IE 6 got all the attention for being the straggler, but with it finally fading out of view, I suspect Web developers will increasingly turn their collective ire on the five-year-old IE 7 now. We’ll know for sure when Microsoft launches “IE 7 Countdown.”


Serious Business: Browsers, e(vil)Harmony, more…

Serious Business pays tribute to Bernie Mac and Issac Hayes, who both passed away this weekend, talks about browser compatibility, and then goes off on some strange tangent — as usual — about eHarmony, DOING IT LIVE, and how bad it is that Brett Favre gets more play than the Olympics over here.

Don’t just take my word for it. Video after the jump.