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Crunch Time

Well, it’s April, which can only mean one thing: end-of-semester lunacy. This blog has been eerily silent, I know, and that silence will probably continue through Tuesday or so. I have a gigantic pile of e-mail that I am well aware of, but I’m just not sure when I’ll get to dig out. Apologies in advance. I go up Twitterscope occasionally but that’s even been less frequent as of late. I’m glad this is the last April that I’ll have to deal with this (at least for now).

In the meantime, here’s a report about the College’s Geology Club fundraiser that I did for today. Pardon the opening sequence…I swear, the next place that I get, I will do much more to the lighting so that stuff I do at home won’t suck. That, and I need a much better camera.