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Quashing taboo, or perhaps something more?

I was up at the Stern Center getting a bite to eat today (the only fast food in walking distance, after all) and saw that the VOX “passion party”, a unique and creative way to attract attention to reproductive health and rights issues, was unexpectedly canceled. Further investigation revealed that the College’s administration made the decision to shut down the event in what appears to be the 11th hour. VOX president Kaytlin Bailey is withholding comment at this time but will be making a statement soon. That’s all I know right now — I’m very, very curious to hear more soon, particularly why the administration would decide to shut down an event that, in the past, has been permitted to go on despite its controversial nature. This indicates to me that these prior parties were done in good taste and had educational value, so I am at a loss as to why this year is somehow different. What really blows my mind is that the administration had to be apprised of the party because it was being held in College facilities. It’s very odd. Was the administration spooked by the George Street Observer? Did a parent find out about it and complain? Hopefully some light will be shed on this soon, because this just adds a little more chill to the air, if you know what I mean…

And suddenly, my inbox breathes a sigh of relief.

1228 PM EST Fri Feb 09 2007

The Flood Warning is cancelled for
the lower Santee river near Jamestown.
* At 11 am Friday the stage was 9.7 feet.
* The river fell below flood stage this morning and should continue
to fall.
* Flood stage is 10.0 feet.
* At 10.0 feet…swamplands near Jamestown become flooded. Logging
operations and cattle grazing in river bottomlands may be affected.

Yessss! More room for get-rich-quick schemes and sexually explicit emails (which Gmail does a beautiful job of scurrying away)!

O.J. Simpson is such a dirtbag…

…not even Rupert Murdoch will run his trashy TV series and book in which he details a “hypothetical” way he would have killed his wife and Ron Goldman. No one on Earth with anything resembling humanity would publish such filth. I’m glad to see that News Corp. has some shred of dignity left and cancelled the project. I can’t believe they gave honest consideration and poured publicity money into the project in the first place. I wonder if O’Reilly had anything to do with this, as he claims he did…

I hope we can forget this terrible reopening of these wounds and let O.J. collect his NFL pension out of the limelight, where he belongs…