As Per Whatever

And so it is: Colts v. Bears

Wow. I am incredibly exhausted from the ballgame tonight. What an unbelievable comeback for Peyton Manning — he finally slayed the dragon, where “the dragon” is “The New England Patriots.” What a game. I can’t imagine what it was like for the fans who were actually THERE.

The Bears are in, too. The Saints had a good run, but the Bears totally outplayed them today in Soldier Field. Was it a statement game for Rex Grossman? Tough to say, but he recovered from a poor start and helped put it away. I wanted the Saints to win and had picked them but the Bears came out with the suffocating defense that they had employed at the beginning of the season. It was a nasty game on a nasty field with nasty weather — indeed, what one would expect in Chicago in January.

This is going to be quite a Super Bowl — the suddenly multi-dimensional Colts facing the Bears D will be a great one, no doubt.

I may or may not blog tomorrow. Tough to say. We’ll see what happens — I just know I’m quite busy these next couple days.