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Nice press for @chswx in Charleston City Paper

Charleston City Paper’s Lindsay Frost has a cool Twitter piece (jokingly subtitled “Obligatory ‘Hey, Ever Heard of Twitter?’ News Story”) which has a cool mention of the @chswx weather account. It’s really fun to see @chswx get some traction as I think we do some pretty cool stuff with it, especially as hurricane season gets into gear. Also featured in the article are Brian McGee, chair of the College of Charleston Department of Communication; Lyn Mettler, president of Step Ahead Web Strategies; and Andrew Edahl, a College of Charleston student.

As Per Whatever

In the City Paper this week!

Jason Zwiker of Cavaliers and Roundheads fame interviewed me a couple weeks ago for his In The Neighborhood column that he writes for the Charleston City Paper. That article, complete with one of my trademark goofy grins, made the paper today, and it’s pretty awesome! It’s near the middle of the paper, in the real estate listings; page 14 in the Charleston City Paper Exchange section to be exact. Have a look-see! :)