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Working my happy butt off

As the silence on this blog indicates, I’m working my butt off — Steph and I have just moved back to Charleston where I’ve started my new job at BoomTown — it’s almost been a month already and it has flown. Everything there is as advertised and then some. BoomTown is a fast-growing place, too — since I joined up late last month, three new employees have come in. Very impressive stuff.

I also have some particularly exciting things coming down the weather pipeline…stay tuned for more details on that.

In the meantime, this post is more of an icebreaker but also a quick test of my switch to nginx and Varnish for forward caching. Let’s see how well this works…

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SuperHappyDevHouse Charleston 2

The second SuperHappyDevHouse Charleston on Saturday was loads of fun and well worth the drive. I got to catch up with old friends, meet a ton of Charleston’s brightest coders, and at least think through a few problems (even if I didn’t write too much code — I’ll rectify that next time). Plus, Spark! Charleston, a startup incubator on East Bay Street near the aquarium, was a fantastic venue. If you’re a coder in the Charleston area, I strongly recommend looking out for the next one. Check out Eugene Mah’s recap for pictures.

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An ode to Norm’s

UPDATE: A tweet from Clay Taylor (@imallergictocats) indicates that Norm’s will be back next year after a renovation. I sure hope that’s the case! Original post below:

As you may or may not know, Norm’s Pizza and Subs — home of the fabled Nerd Table and an otherwise very important part of my college experience — is closing for good today. (The original closing date was December 1, but the restaurant got a 11-day reprieve, opening from 5-midnight in December.) Word is they’ve run into lease issues, among other things. It’s quite a shame, because there stands to be a great deal of College of Charleston students who will never understand the importance of Norm’s takeout during finals week. A great deal of the MUSC community is also going to have to find a new place to get lunch — not necessarily an easy feat on the western peninsula.

As long-time followers of this blog know, Norm’s was a staple of mine in the several years I lived downtown. I found it to be a wonderful place to swap stories, make new friends, or even just a place to sit back and step out of the madness for a little bit, no matter how full it may have been on any given night. While living in West Ashley had made it difficult to stop in over the last year and a half, I still managed to make it in for lunch a fair amount, and did my best to stop in during the evenings as well, even if it wasn’t as often.

Thanks to Traye and the crew at Norm’s for the memories over the last several years. You’ll be missed.

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TheDigitel closes a round of funding!

Belated congratulations to Ken Hawkins and his team at TheDigitel for landing their recent investment. TheDigitel is a true asset to the Charleston community, both tech and otherwise; I know that I’ve become better in-tune with my city than ever not only because of the work they do, but because they permit citizens like you and me to directly contribute to the news. If you’re not in Charleston and think this sounds awesome, don’t fret: you can vote on the next city TheDigitel will serve. My best wishes to Ken and his team in this exciting new chapter in their venture!


BarCamp Charlotte

I went up to Charlotte, NC on Saturday to take part in BarCamp Charlotte 2. I got a great deal of value out of the presentations, and it was really important for me to see a BarCamp in action — important as we prepare for the inaugural BarCamp Charleston on Saturday.

I was only able to attend the afternoon sessions, but fortunately I was able to see how Charlotte’s interpretation of BarCamp works. I even tried to pitch a session talking about what I’ve done with my weather projects, and while there was some interest, it didn’t quite pass muster. But that’s alright — I know I wouldn’t have been able to match the quality of the sessions I attended, which were incredibly well-thought-out and creative. I attended a session called “45 Questions in 45 Minutes,” which aimed for 45 questions about the web answered in a strict one-minute time limit (though people found loopholes later on :) ). I got to see a great demo of HTML5 — and from that, confidence that I can start to use HTML 5 now. Finally, I attended a panel about the future of journalism (a topic near and dear to this journalism major’s heart), during which I got to mention the #CHS Hashtag Summit, which likely sparked a Charlotte news hashtagging movement as well.

It was also great to connect and re-connect with a lot of my Charlotte Twitter friends. I think that’s the part of these events I enjoy most — connecting with all the people in “real life” that I interact with daily on Twitter. I also got to meet a whole lot of new people as well — always a plus.

The event seemed to go very well (at least for the few hours I was there), and I look forward to making the trip for BarCamp Charlotte 3.


Escape from Disneyworld

There are a couple interesting but unconnected conversations in Charleston taking place, and the intersection of both intrigues the hell out of me. Let’s try it! Here’s the rundown:

The intersection, of course, is bringing that talent together in an attractive fashion to additional talent, to kick off those businesses — and the co-working space is a great place to architect an escape from Disneyworld.

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The Apple Store Opens

Apple Store Opens

Yes, folks, it’s open. After months of anticipation, Charleston, and South Carolina, for that matter, finally has an Apple retail store — officially the King Street Apple Store — in the heart of downtown. No more drives to Charlotte for a Genius Bar. It’s a pretty sweet thing for Apple fanatics and technology consumers in general.

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Apple Store Saturday

The King Street Apple Store opens Saturday at 10 am. I’m thinking about dropping in to check out the hysteria — anyone else?

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Is an Apple store on the horizon?

The P&C is reporting this morning on the possibility of an Apple Store opening in the former Cumberland’s space on King Street. That would be very sweet, and fit right in with the high-end shopping King Street is known for. Hat tip to James for the initial headsup over Twitter and Matthew for finding the article.

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While I’m on a cell phone kick

AT&T announced their plans to expand 3G access to Charleston Wednesday. It’s looking like early 2008 for that to come online. Maybe, a year after I got my 3G BlackJack, I can finally take advantage of its power. :P