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Deploy The Thermals

So yeah. It’s cold outside, in case you haven’t noticed. Consider today’s numbers at the College of Charleston’s weather station — the temperature was only above 50 for a short time past midnight — we didn’t get back there. Temperatures are freefalling into the 30s at the time of this writing (roughly 9:30 PM) and will continue to drop.

This is fairly out of line for November — we’re usually dipping into the 40s for lows fairly regularly at this point, but we still typically see mid-to-upper 60s. We’re getting close to record cold, actually, for this time of year — the record low for this time of year was 29 set back in 1965, and we could blow that away.

Needless to say, the growing season will likely end tonight. Bring your plants inside, if possible, because they will likely not survive the night. Also, stay bundled up — layers, layers, layers! I know I’ll be digging for the long johns a bit earlier than I anticipated this time around.

The forecast indicates a small rebound later on into the week, but even if we top out at 60 degrees on Friday, we’re still well below normal for this time of year. Stay warm out there…